[Journalism] Feminist journalists will discuss on the theme “fighting swords with words : risks and strategies”

The conference will be held on Monday 11th July, 2022, at 15h UTC. What is it like being a feminist journalist at a time when sexism and misogyny go hand-in-hand with every version of authoritarianism across various contexts? What does it mean to be a journalist at a time when truth and data are discredited, and what feminist acts have proven most effective in challenging this current climate of fear and its forms of violence? This conversation spans the diverse experiences of four feminist journalists, towards formulating strategies for security and care, given the multifarious risks we face, the evolving types of aggression, and the spaces within which these antagonisms unfold.

It also delves into the complex relationships among different journalists, the ways in which confrontations and unions are made possible, and the opportunities for moving forward in solidarity towards the common goal of real freedom of the press. Most importantly, it speaks to the silenced parts of feminist journalistic practice, where one exists with a target on one’s forehead, assault can come from every direction across platforms, and threats are directed towards not just physical/bodily harm, but also mental and emotional injury. They ask the question: when words are our weapons, how best to wield it, how can we sharpen it, and how do we fashion it so that it is not just our weapon against aggression, but our own form of protection?

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