[Economy] One week left for the Curaçao Export Week 2022

The fifth edition of the Curaçao Export Week (CEW) 2022 will take place online from Monday 16th to Friday 20th May 2022. This year’s theme is : “Implementing our National Export strategy”.

“Our National Export Strategy is Ready for implementation and together with ITC we will embark into the implementation phase. This year’s CEW will be dedicated to the implementation of the National Export Strategy and to showcase our export potential. Several sessions will disclose the potential our focus sectors entail. Also additional sectors will get exposure. Export is important to Curaçao and arriving at the 5th edition already of the Curaçao Export Week is the proof that export will continue to be important”, said the organisers.

You can register for the different sessions during this week by following the link : All the sessions are FREE.

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