[Media] The Global Investigative Journalism Network organises a webinar « Investigating Sexual Abuse : Reporting Tips & Tools »

The free webinar will be held on Thursday 12 November 2020 at 9:00 AM Eastern Time (USA and Canada) and at 15:00 PM (Abuja, Berlin, Paris, Rabat, Tunis). It will be in English with simultaneous translation into French and Russian. Lenaïg Bredoux, Sophia Huang, Ashwaq Masoodi are three journalists from France, China and India who have substantial experience in investigating cases of sexual abuse. They will share their strategies and reporting tips, ranging from collecting evidence to how to deal with survivors and their families during and after the investigation.

Susanne Reber will be the moderator. She is the executive producer of podcasts at Scripps, a US media company, and the executive producer and creator of ‘Verified,’ a podcast series about a serial sexual abuser in Italy. Lenaïg Bredoux is the gender editor at Mediapart, one of France’s leading independent media outlets, where she has covered gender-related issues and sexual violence for almost a decade. Sophia Huang is a freelance journalist best known for covering cases of sexual abuse in China and the protests in Hong Kong in 2019. Ashwaq Masoodi is a freelance journalist who recently completed a Nieman fellowship at Harvard University. She writes on gender, caste, human rights and social inequality.

This GIJN webinar will focus on investigating cases of sexual abuse that take place in times of peace, rather than in conditions of war or mass conflict. It will not look at intimate partner violence or domestic abuse, but it will focus on how to investigate patterns of behavior and institutional negligence or complicity.

Globally, the statistics are depressingly similar: cases of abuse are mainly by men against women, most are never reported to authorities; the level of convictions is low; and studies indicate a very low incidence of false claims despite hype by some media and public officials.

In addition, the subject of sexual violence remains a sensitive if not a taboo subject in much of the world, and often goes unreported. Watchdog journalism has started digging deeper into sexual violence, but these investigations are still few relative to the estimated number of cases worldwide.

The GIJN will be publishing a new tipsheet on investigating sexual abuse.

You can register for this webinar here :

Investigating Sexual Abuse: Reporting Tips & Tools

The meeting time depends on your geographic location:

9:00 AM EST (Bogota, Lima, Washington DC)
10:00 (Buenos Aires, Brasilia, La Paz)
11:00 (Santiago)
14:00 (Freetown, London, Monrovia)
15:00 (Abuja, Berlin, Paris, Rabat, Tunis)
16:00 (Cairo, Johannesburg, Amman, Kyiv)
17:00 (Kampala, Moscow, Nairobi)
18:00 (Muscat)
19:00 (Islamabad)
20:00 (Dhaka)
21:00 (Bangkok, Jakarta)
22:00 CST (Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur)

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